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Friends in Pub

Coffee + Beer + Wine Bar

An amalgamation of a regular coffee serving cafe with a leisure spot that serves an assortment of beers, wines and it's carefully curated cocktails.

Relevant | in both the AM and PM

Coffee Date

Coffee shop by day


Bar by night

Vision: to create a first of its kind; upscale interactive cafe + BAR

What is a Coffee,

Beer &

Wine Bar?

An interesting space fit for a fun evening with friends or coworkers or your special someone.

A space designed for you to actually talk and connect. To mute the noise, to enjoy good music in a laid back atmosphere and to perfectly let a fantastic drinks menu take over your senses in a beautifully done space.

This is the new breed of coffee establishments, ready to serve just what you need in a day.

Freelancer at a cafe


A dedicated area where a variety of food, beverage and food items are offered in a casual atmosphere.



Besides great food and coffee, inclusion of Beer and Wine in the concept will also provide the perfect offering for

Get together

individuals looking to find a spot to relax and enjoy drinks after a stressful meeting or a long day or just whenever they please.


Giving the business increased opportunities to serve the same client and/or attract the nightlife crowd, thereby increasing revenue.


It used to be that you’d spend about six minutes in a coffee shop. Enter. Order. Pay. Grab your coffee and leave. But that was when coffee shops were places that sold coffee and not much else. Now that you can grab a drink that’s as good as the specialty coffee you’re drinking, there’s not much of a reason to leave.


Coffee Shop

1. Young Professionals

2. Corporate Teams

3. Freelancers

4. Small Groups

5. Interactive Event Visitors

Keeping the cafe space interesting through the immersive experiences

Increasing consumer base through the

following activities:


  • Open Mic Nights

  • Acoustic performances

  • Corporate Lunches

  • Small events bookings

  • Workshops

  • Wine tasting events

Performing live
I want to invest in the franchise

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